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Stadiums in Poland and Ukraine

 Here is the stadiums of this big tournament. All of the buldings are modern and beautiful.

The Kyev Olympic Stadium

 Municipal Stadium Poznan    
Opened in August 1980 Municipal Stadium Poznan was completely rennovated and modernizied in 2010 to fulfill all demands for being able to take part in Euro 2012. Stadium is covered with the membrana roof and the seating capacity was extended to 43 000 seats. Stadium has all the conveniences for disabled people.

Municipal Stadium Wroclaw    
Municipal Stadium Wroclaw football stadium in the town Wroclaw that will take part in 2012 European Football Championship. It is the highest stadium that will participate in the championship. Stadium has a nearly 50 000 seated and roofed spectator places. It is a newly constructed stadium, which was opened 10th September 2011 with boxing fight Vitali Klitschko vs. Tomasz Adamek.

Arena Lviv    
It is a newly built specially for Euro 2012 5th generation stadium which fulfills all the most up to date requirements of  UEFA. It has 4 stores - ground store is for parking lots, and others for seating places and VIP lounges. Absence of "dead" zones and modern light equipment creates maximum effect of being on the field.

Metalist Stadium    
Metalist Stadium, or Oblast Sports Complex "Metalist" is a multi-use stadium that is now used mainly for football games. Firstly built in 1925 stadium survived several major improvements. Euro 2012 improvements included build of a new stand, roof replacement and aesthetic improvements. It is known locally as the 'Spider Arena' as its pillars make it resemble an arachnid.

Olimpiysky National Sports Complex    
After Ukrainian independence in 1991, the stadium was given national status in 1996 and renamed again as the "Olympic" National Sports Complex. Kievans still commonly refer to it as the Tsentralny (Central) or Respublykanskyi stadion (Republican Stadium), and the nearby metro station "Olimpiiska" that was also called "Respublykanskyi Stadion".

PGE Arena Gdansk    
PGE Arena Gdansk is considered to be the most attractive stadium amongst all participating in Euro 2012 Football Championship. The stadium was opened on 10th July 2011. The stadium capacity is 42000 seats. The PGE Arena has 40 VIP boxes and more than 1300 business seats. The title sponsor of the stadium is the Polish Energy Group and the 5-year contract was signed in May 2010.

Donbas Arena    
First in Eastern Europe 5-star elite stadium. Among its impressive features, the home of Shakhtar Donetsk features an illuminated exterior and infrared heating system.

National Stadium Warsaw    
Warsaw National Stadium is a new, technologically modern stadium with a seating capacity of 58,500 people. It is equipped with the unique expandable roof which allows it to serve as a sports and concert hall. The stadium was opened in 2011 on the place where an old 10th Anniversary stadium.

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